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Ghana:Sexy Actress Nikki Samonas offers ‘free kiss’ to Andre Ayew

Ghana:Sexy Actress Nikki Samonas offers ‘free kiss’ to Andre Ayew

by ganakohAugust 26, 2015

The Sexy Ghanaian actress Nikki Samonas announces that she will honour her promise to offer André Ayew a kiss.This is a result of a promise to kiss the first player of the Black Stars who scores Ghana’s first goal at the Mundial 2014.

Nikki assured her audience that she will keep her promise on the airwaves of Radio Universe. During the Ghana-USA match of last Monday, André Ayew scored a goal for Ghana in the 82nd minute.

Revealing the reasons for her promise, Nikki said it is not intended to curry favor with a star or a Ghanaian celebrity but it is a motivation to encourage players to score goals.

After her promise to kiss the author of Ghana’s first goal last Saturday, the actress said that the news that she has received from Brazil are that the players of the Black Stars were very impressed.

Asked whether André Ayew will come to kiss her, Nikki replied that, if the player does not come, having made the announcement and the sensation it has sparked or reactions is a joy of all, that is enough.

Asked why she had not chosen to give a gift to the scorer of the Ghanaian first goal, Nikki Samonas responded that most players are married. Moreso, if she had promised something else like herself, Ghanaians would have said that she is cheap or she is trying to sell herself to him.

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