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The Afrowood Film Village

The Afrowood Film Village

by kingJune 9, 2014

Afrowood online digital service offers a large selection of Afrowood ( that is, Nollywood, Ghallywood, Collywood, all other African nations and the Diaspora) movies and music videos on a rental, subscription, download and streaming basis. Sooner or later consumers will be able to access this content directly on their television via ROKU Afrowood

Afrowood Productions, an integrated media and entertainment company, will soon be a global player in the Afroworld arena. Being vertically integrated means that Afrowood is not only a production house but it also distributes/ exploits films across formats globally via broadband, home entertainment, television formats and new media.

Afrowood Strategic Business Units are:

  • Film Production
  • Photography
  • Global Distribution
  • Global Rights Syndication
  • Afrowood Music Label and music publishing
  • Investments/ Joint Ventures



  • afrowood. probably going to be the most prolific film industry in Africa.
  • Hope to provide employment for over 2000 people.
  • Sells over 1000 cinema tickets each year.
  • The film exports are growing at over 80% in last two year contributing significantly to Nigeria export earnings.
  • Film Stars endorse hundreds of brands in Nigeria including multinational brands like Pepsi and Coke.


Gone are the days of putting away entertainment, media, technology, information and education in neat little compartments. The role definitions of the PC and the Television are increasingly blurring with each passing day. That’s ‘convergence’ for you. Modern day technology has made it possible to cater to individualistic tastes of consumers and economically provide extremely tailored high quality entertainment and infotainment to the farthest corners of the world. The paradigm shift will transgress through all walks of life and revolutionize our very existence. Afrowood is not just another word in the dictionary. It is an expressive language and a powerful medium in its own right. It is my dream to widen the appeal of Afrowood in the mainstream context. To give it the place that it rightly deserves in world filmdom.


“ To create, enhance and distribute ‘content’ seamlessly across platforms available through present and future technologies, across media vehicles, across the globe and giving such content its distinct shape, form and brand identity through the various windows of its lifecycle, with a view to build maximum interactivity and salience with the end consumer.” We have just started a new romance with the Nigerian film Industry for some time now. Afrowood has just recognise the potential of Nigerian film industry . Afrowood hope to be the single largest International distributor of african films worldwide with over 50% market share in the business. Afrowood had the vision and foresight to acquire multiple format rights for a large catalogue of films over a period of time. afrowood film library already boasts of over 220 films and the number is growing with each passing day.

Afrowood has over the years invested in films while they are the script stage or under production thereby developing a long-term relationship with the producers . At the same time we hope to works very closely with the international exhibitors and cinema chains around the globe to allow for a wider and far-reaching distribution for African films. Afrowood was the first to invest in the production, and development of the home video market. Starting with Super8, 16mm (Reversal), videocassette over the years and moving on to Video CD and now the high quality DVD format, afrowood then hope to have the largest home entertainment catalogue for african films and song compilation titles in the future.

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